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Wayne Emery - Passed Away

Friends… I learned this morning that my friend Wayne Emery @Gemcutter is no longer with us. I’ve heard from others that he had a heart attack, and it was sudden and unexpected. I don’t know more than that, and it’s not the right time to reach out and ask for details. I’m told his brother is handling many of his affairs.

Many times on Orchid I’ve read threads where reference is made to someone who is no longer with us, and it’s rarely someone I knew well. Regretfully, that’s not the case here.

Wayne was a brilliant lapidarist, a selfless fellow, an honest man, and governed in all of his interpersonal relationships by a deep sense of honor and fair play. Many times he helped me with my International Gem Society project, oftentimes providing me resources and extensive research for the good of the community and never expecting anything in return. He hated stupidity and bullshit, and he believed in and lived old-fashioned values.

His trap gun and autoloader are in my safe - when he stopped shooting because of some health issues, he sold them to me. Now every time I break a clay or crush a target, Wayne will be there with me.

I’m angry about this. We’ve lost a good one. Wayne… maybe one day I’ll see you on the other side.


My condolences for your loss, Seth. May he rest in peace.

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Hello Seth,
My condolences to you and to others who knew Wayne. I got to meet him in person once at a Gem Show in Franklin, TN, but we had many long conversations on the phone over faceting issues, during which he was the most generous, helpful mentor you could wish for. After a long while talking about faceting we’d end up talking about life and Wayne always had his head on straight about that, too. From what he’d share, Wayne had been in recovery a long time and he was a real sensible one-day-at-a-time person who was an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many, many others. When he “retired” from professional gemcutting in the past year he had already taken up photography and his pictures were truly amazing. A really amazing guy who will be sorely missed. Till we meet again on the other side, Wayne!


As always I am in aw, I never meet Wayne but knew he was my Elder and Mentor. I meet him through faceting and the USFG. A very kind and helpful man I will always remember.