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Waxes - pre-investment trick

Hello All -

I worked for a small jewelry manufacturer many years ago and spent
some time troubleshooting our investment/casting issues.

We daringly tried an experiment on some injection waxes that
produced amazingly cleaner castings.

After the wax models/sprues are added to the rubber base try
spraying the whole thing with a spray bottle mixture of room temp.
water and about 1/2 teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid. Let it
stand on the waxes for about a minute and then rinse off under
gently running tepid water. Use an air-gun (low pressure) to blow
the excess water off and dry the tree… then invest as usual. Yes,
you’ll need an airline in your studio.

This step will remove hand oils, lint, small particles of wax dust
and any other surface dirt that may be stuck on the waxes and

If you already do this process, good for you ! It does make a

Thanks to some great people that I worked with, this step gave us
better surface quality on our castings !

Margie Mersky "The Wax Maven"

Margie, et al:

I used to use a de-bubblizer that had alcohol and soap in it that
worked great too. I have kind of been out of jewelry casting for a
while but this stuff worked well, too. I always knew when I had
forgotten to use it.


how do i make a wax overlay over a mold ??