Waxcutter CAD/CAM milling machine

For anyone on the list who’s attending the SNAG conference, and who
may be interested in seeing in person, the Waxcutter CAD/CAM mill,
I’m bringing mine along to demo for anyone interested, just as a
favor for John Winters, the local (Seattle) jeweler who developed
the mill. It’s a cool little system, able to do a lot of the most
common types of wax work that many jewelers find themselves doing by
hand, only with CAD speed and precision, at an overall cost quite a
bit less than the competition. And it does it with a really simple
software/programming interface that’s a whole lot quicker and easier
to learn and use than the much more complex 3D modelling software
competing CAD/CAM systems use. While it does take a bit of time to
learn, of course, I was cutting my first usable and decent wax
models on the thing within a couple days of getting the mill, and
that includes having to learn my way around a mac computer after a
lifetime of only microsoft driven pc’s. Contrast that with the time
it takes to learn a program like Rhino, or the software cost, when
using add ons like Matrix. You can also look at the system info on
John’s web site, www.waxcutter.net. Note that I’m not selling the
mills. I’m just a happy owner.

Anyway. I’m rambling when I should be finishing packing. But as I
said, if you want to see this cool little mill and play with it,
watch it work, and talk to a happy user, find me at the convention.
I’ll put some sort of notice up on a bulletin board…

Hoping to see many of you at the convention.

Peter Rowe