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Wax types for wax melting pot

I just got a new wax melting pot and wondered what wax to use in it.
Do I need to use a repair wax, or are my scrap pieces alright to use?



I just got a new wax melting pot and wondered what wax to use in
it. Do I need to use a repair wax, or are my scrap pieces alright
to use? 

My suggestion is to put only very clean wax into your pot if you’re
going to re-melt scrap piecesfor carving projects. Air bubbles,
metal fragments, tripoli or rouge, and wood from your benchpin can
getinto those scraps and contaminate it. I found that mixing wax is
not a good idea unless you plan to useit to carve waxes that will be
silicone molded and then re-melted. Also, if you’re thinking of
melting injection wax and using it to ‘dip’ objects may I suggest
the purple injection wax… The torquoise and pink wax is sogummy and
difficult to see that I can’t work with it anymore. As always, being
clean is what makes our work great in the end.


For years we have used dozens (literally) of types of waxes. There
will be certain wax that works better for certain molds. Keeping the
wax clean is crucial to your success! That is probably the most
important thing in the world when it comes to wax pots. The next
thing that I would tell you is to make absolute sure you have the
correct temperature setting for the type of wax you are going to
use. We have recently started using a purple “carvable” wax in our
injector. For our business it has been the best wax I have ever
worked with. It melts at a much higher temperature than most other
waxes and it cools much faster.

As with anything else, there will be advantages and disadvantages to
any type of wax, but this is what we have found works for us. Good
luck and what out for hot flying wax!!..its no fun picking it out
of a nice sweater…trust me on that one!

Lineberry and Company
Durham, NC

Hi Jason,

purple "carvable" wax in ourinjector. 

where is this wax available? thanks

Dear Jason & All,

I noticed your comment about a purple injection wax that can be
carved as well after injection.

This is Michael Knight at Castaldo. We have a gold-colored wax that
is also excellent for carving after injection. It can be filed, sawn,
carved with hand tools and even worked with flex shaft burs, etc.
and produces sharp clean lines and details.

I’d be happy to send you a small free sample if you give me your
complete shipping details.

I’d be happy to send samples to anyone else out there, too.

We won’t call you, but UPS will want a contact phone number in case
they can’t find you, so please let me have that as well.

Michael Knight


I would like to try your wax sample. I would also like to know how
this wax reacts in the burn out cycle. Does it run well from the
investment or is it gummy.

Thank you
Greg DeMark

I use Alpha Orange injection wax made by Kindt Collins. It is
marvelous, shoots reliably, has excellent memory and is carvable. It
becomes a little brittle after sitting around for a week or two so
hopefully you are getting to casting it faster than that. It carves
beautifully and it is easy to see what you are doing because of the
lighter color. You can Google it to find sellers.

I have also moved over to using Kate Wolf’s gold and silver colored
waxes by Ferris for hand and lathe carving. I still have a bunch of
Ferris’ dark purple wax but it is not as easy to see what I am doing
with the purple. With the gold wax you can use a black marker to
make contact marks, like when you go to the dentist and are asked to
bite on the carbon paper, getting your work where you want to go
much faster. Plus they carve like a dream if you are using Kate’s
wax carving tools! Once I got them, I’ve never looked back, my old
"dentist" are obsolete. (Wicked good, Kate.)


It’s freeezing in Tampa! Covered the mango trees for tonight’s
freeze warning.