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Wax turning

Hi you all, Wax turning. A poor mans procedure Ferris file a wax
supplies, in its box, an illustrated method of turning wax with out a

I turn waxes up to 3.75 inches in diameter and 4 inched thick with my
fordom and a pana vise and ceramic scraping tool.

The fordom hand piece is placed in the pana vise with the flat of the
vice o n the tool handling side.

The wax is mounted on a spindle as follows: drill a hole slightly
smaller than the spindle screw through the center of the wax.
Counter bore the hole with a inch wood chisel drill until the tip of
the drill starts to exit the hole. I us another chisel drill that has
the point removed to counter bore the hole until the remaining wax in
the hole is about 1/8 inch thick. Drop the screw of the spindle
through the hole and add a large washer and screw into the spindle.
Tighten. To strengthen the spindle to wax joint I melt some carving
wax on the washer, wax and spindle. The spindle can be placed in the
fordom. Wax is removed from the wax blank while it is turning. Wax
removal is so easy that a table for resting the cutting tool is not
necessary. I use various scraping tools. The wax removal tool does
not hav e to be sharp. It needs a needs a square sharp edge. I turn
wax rings, conchos, and my pottery using this method.

If you are interested in details email me and I will send a typed,
illustrated description to you.

I will be demonstrating wax turning at the Tucson Gem and Mineral
Show at th e Convention Center in Tucson on Feb 14, 15, 16 and 17,
2002. Stop by and visit.

Lee Epperson