Wax set stones

Frequently I am charged with the task of switching stones
combinations. I’m concerned mainly square stones channel set I think
this will happen a lot with Mother’s Day coming up. The ledge that
the stone pavillion sits on is to small (I think) to replace with a
different stone. Any suggestions about how to approach a job like

Get a Foredom AlSet system! they help you mill perfect channels
every time. in half the time it would take by hand. otherwise, buying
machine cut stones gives you a slight edge in that they are evenly
girdled, and supposed to be exacting in measurements. I can’t say
enough good things about the AllSet system for a production tool. If
you can’t get one, checking the seats, using perfectly sharp gravers,
(or a gravermax) will help fit the stones you may already have to
work with. I’m also presuming you are modifying an existing setting
rather than making a new one, otherwise making a new one involves
really precise measurements and presuming each stone will vary
slightly. A good hart bur will help level the stones, and a hammer
handpiece can come in handy to finish the metal channel over the
stones before polishing, texturing, etc. HOWEVER, if you feel it’s
beyond your scope of skills be honest with the owner or shop manager
and request they invest in an AllSet. i’d be happy as I’m sure Mike
zagielski would be in explaining how it would be a time saving,
perfection yielding tool addition to their inventory! Everyone can
be taught to learn to use it, it can remain set up to eliminate
set-up, take-down time and truly does do perfect channels in about a
third the time. Its often available on sale from FDJ tools on time,
or Mike Z. at Foredom can point you to a sale (if there isn’t a show
you will beattending soon where you can see one in action, then often
buy at a reduced price at the show!)…rer