Wax sculpture question

What is the best way to apply disclosing wax (as surface filler)
to tight places? On surfaces I use my thumbnail, having tried
arrow pointed and round bladed wax carving tools without much
luck (due to the tremor). But thumbnail won’t reach on deep inside angles. Geo.

If your tremor doesn’t interfer when you use your thumbnail and
it does when you use a tool…it is probably due to the
additional muscle groups you use to hold the tool conflicting.
Try making a tool…(something like a finger pick musicians
use), that slides over your thumb and gives you a finer longer
surface to reach into deeped topographies. You may even check
out some of the finger picks they may do the job for you and they
are easily reshaped. Norman

Geo… George or Geoffrey?

You can put a short piece of sawblade (1,2,or3) in a pin vise -
shape it into an angled chisel point according to your needs on
a sharpening stone or with a cratex wheel - and use it as a

Bits of plastic that can be fitted into a pin vise, can also be
shaped into tiny “spatulas”… (flat plastic toothpicks come to

Various Exacto blades, either in their original shapes or
altered on a sharpening stone will also work…

My favorite though, is a piece of copper wire - held in a pin
vise - hammered flat, and shaped or sharpened as needed. You can
bend it into various configurations…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School

Norman, good idea, thanks. Could make a tool by just bending
over, pointing and smoothing a piece of scrap metal 1x4 mm x
length needed. You should patent the idea and sell it to Rio Grande. Geo.

George, Get to an artist supply store and look for/ask for rubber
tipped “paint brushes”. These are brushes used for a certain
type of painting that are fantastic for your need. I use them
all of the time for your intended purpose as well as forming caly
dams on masters in preperation of making a rubber mold. It has
revolutionized this work for me. If you cannot find these
"brushes" let me know and I will get you the actual name for
them. John Dach

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