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Wax pattern for an eternity band


I need to make an eternity band in 14K white X1 gold. I need a wax
pattern or I will have to carve one…does anyone know of a wax
pattern for an eternity band.? I tried “world famous paradise wax
patterns” and they did not have one. The specific band has what
appears to be individual tapered bearings with one prong in between
each diamond. Anyone willing to carve an eternity band for me for a
fee? You can E me at

Mary Frances Dunker
MDJ Designs



we at Cadsmithing do this type of work for the trade


Thomas Cavagnaro, GG
Cadsmithing, LLC A Service Bureau
480 688 4136



Have you got your wax pattern for eternity band? We have made some
similar models for customers. If you need, send email to me at