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Wax molds &cad-can cnc

hay yall ?
well to start off a cemhistey teacher truned me ao to this and it has
worked for me. to re move wax from most things. like when you clean the
wax pot out veagatable oil is heated up and it seaprates the wax so it
dose not stik. dont know what it dose but it works.
on larger molds i cut them with more gas vents going out the other end .
you get some fins that is ok. i quit useing rubber and went with L-rtv it
dose not stik as bad or at all. most of the wax that i use is 150 F. and
it is not that bad when you have blow out. shit happens. i would like to
take this time to say this is the BEST sight iv seen im glad that we can
tell others what we have learned. some times it takes a life time to get
what iv seen come across my moniter.
thanks to some of you who have been in to cad-cam the info iv got is
grate thanks. rember when one slids down the banester of life slide with
the grain.