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Wax models (source)

I’m taking that first jewelry class many of you suggested. I
just did my first castings and found it exciting if not
satisfying. I find the cheap wax ring models yeild castings
that I am not happy with. The models are not symmetric, show
poor detail and come in very generic sizes. Is their a good
place to get ring or pendant wax models. The ones I bought were
only $2 so maybe my expectations were to great.

thanks, Bob B

Why don’t you carve your own or at least touch up the ones that
you buy? You don’t need expensive tools to scrape/carve the wax
and you could even make your own alcohol lamp to experiment with
manipulating the wax with heat. Dental style tools nut pics, and
manicure equipment all can be used as is or altered by filing
into new shapes.Casting is exciting but it’s exciting to make
your own NEW thing.

Marilyn Smith

dear Bob, Carve your own! Rio and other suppliers sell blocks of
wax and tubes which you slice to make rings. An x-acto or
frisket knife available in art supply stores, possibly a wax
file from Rio or another jewelry supplier some 400 sandpaper and
a piece of pantyhose for final finishing are all you need.
"Modelling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture " by Lawrence
Kallenberg is an excellent book on the subject. If the wax
breaks, glue it with krazy glue. Have Fun! Pat