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Wax Modeling

Is the Master Model Maker aka gldrtst aka Santa’s Little Helper still tuned in?

If so, what cut of rifflers does he recommend? Both 2 and 4?

Hi Michael, You might consider the following books on wax
modelmaking. All have interesting content and
illustrations/photographs. While they are all jewelry industry
specific, they offer different approaches.

Jewelry Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattiello, ISBN 0-9644193-1-9 Focuses
on subtractive techniques of carving hard wax. Very systematic and
moves from simple to complex wax modeling (ie. Ballerina Ring)
projects much in the manner that Alan Revere’s Professional
Goldsmithing goes from basic to complex projects.

Basic Wax Modeling by Hiroshi Tsuyuki (Introductory book. See
following book)

Practical Wax Modeling: Advanced Techniques for Wax Modelers by Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba, ISBN 0-9637463-0-8 Covers wide range
of waxing techniques including carving hard wax, building up wax,
working with wax sheet and wire, making mitsuro (wax/pine resin).

Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique by Minoru Azama,
ISBN 4-905588-99-5, Kashiwa Hobby Books (Printed in Japanese but a
separate translated manuscript is available.) Min Azama was/is(?) a
member of Orchid. You might be able to find reference to his book
and how to purchase it in the archives. His process emphasizes
building up wax as opposed to starting with a wax blank and carving
away material. He uses this approach for organic as well as
geometric subjects.

Donna Shimazu

Thanks Donna for the recommendations. I would like to get a copy
of Minoru Azama’s Lost Wax Jewelry Making: the Build-up technique,
but could not locate a source in the Orchid Archive. I tried
Amazon, giving all t he you sent, but they replied they
could not locate it. Hope i can get a copy. Most of my wax work has
been carving, but would like to explore build-up. Alma

Thank you Jesse, Jon, Marlin, Terri and Dave ( I hope I didn’t miss
anyone ) for all your advice!

My plan is to investigate someone sandcasting for me, or lost wax
casting the sheet, or even the clay ( the one you bake in the oven )
sounds promising!

I will keep you all posted with the results of my investigations!

This is such a great forum!

Rebecca Gouldson