Wax milling machine-what do you want to see?

HI guys,

So the woodworkers want us to make a small (very small) router
table. Not exactly like Kate Wolf’s adjustable thing: much beefier.
It fits onto a dovetail mount directly, without needing a Benchmate
as a clamp. (Since the woodworkers don’t have Benchmates…) Still
uses a foredom as the power unit, and probably a #30 handpiece.

We’re still trying to decide if we want to make something in that
line. If we do, it needs to be much more than a “Me too”. So I’m
curious to know what features you guys would want to see in such a

It’d largely be for wax milling, as far as jewelers are concerned.

The design bits that are nailed down for sure are:

Mounts onto a dovetail plate directly.

6x6 table, with removable throatplates of various sizes.

Screw control of cutter height, probably with a marked dial. I’m
assuming you all would rather see it marked in MM rather than
thousandths of an inch? Screw control of table tilt. So you can dial
it over to “X” degrees, and nail it down for sure.

Screw controlled back fence, so you can fine adjust your cuts.

What else would be of use? What other features have you always
dreamed of?

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts.