Wax masters

Yesterday I received some more cnc masters from the same vendor that
were done on the same machine Roland MX-15 (3D waxmill) and they
were great no edge artifact and no flash, so I guess that it was
simply a case of the operator trying to get the job out too fast, and
not checking the work before it was sent out (an all to familiar
happening these days). Now that I’ve seen what the machine is capable
of I almost wish I hadn’t decided to go with a Taig, from all
indications the Roland (3D waxmill) is nearly an Idiot proof machine
that is capable of turning out a decent quality wax, at least from a
2-1/2 D perspective, Well that just shows to go ya that life is full
of little learning experiences, seems that after the cost factor and
the learning curve are considered that the Roland system is cheaper,
Defiantly not as sturdy and able to machine as hard of materials with
impunity as the Taig but for milling soft materials not a bad system
for the money.

Not associated with either company, the opinions stated are just my
personal observations, I just wish it didn’t cost so much to convert
a Sherline 2000 to run on something other than EMC, I had a wax
milled on a person I knows machine which is set up on a closed loop
system with servos instead of steppers and was amazed at the quality,
But steppers will work just fine as evidenced by the new wax masters
I just got. I want to thank every one that gave advice on CNC wax
work especially Jeffrey Everett for his great advise

Kenneth Ferrell

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Dear Ken,

I sell Taig, Sherline, Proxxon and soon Roland. It seems to be a well
kept secret that for most jewelers the $3,000 roland will do about
85% of what they need. I am working on a realitively low cost 4th or
rotary axis for the roland system now. The Australians are making one
now but it costs as much as the roland unit itself. With the 4th axis
you could scan and reproduce rings and larger curved pieces in wax
without too much of a problem.

Ed Katz, G.G.,
Jewels and Tools,
Tx 77083