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Wax lathes and wax guns

If you carve wax, yes you would find many uses for the lathe; rings,
bezels, coin frames, etc. I have had one for years and use it almost
weekly. It’s a good tool investment. As for the wax gun or Matt Gun;
had one, lost it in a fire, never replaced it. It was great in the
60’s and 70’s for the organic look, I don’t find much use for one
with todays designs, but one never knows what styling is next or what
your creative abilities may dream up. Goog luck.

I love my Matt gun, though it’s taken me a while to learn to control
it well enough to do anything other than abstracts. I’m a "builder up"
rather than a “carver down” and I appreciate the toughness of the
matt wax, using the matt produced shape as a base for working other
waxes over it.

Janet Kofoed