Wax instructors

Hello! I am interested in improving my wax carving skills. (just
wax, not casting) I have taken a class with Kate Wolf and she is
great but I feel I am in need of a refresher course. Are there any
wax instructors you recommend? I am from San Francisco but am willing
to travel. I would prefer NY or CO but I am pretty much open to
anything as long as i know I am learning from a good teacher. I am
moving back to asia 2 years from now and would like to exhaust all my
educational possibilities while I am here. Any would be
greatly appreciated.


Darla,… Have you checked a school right in your backyard… The
Revere Acadamy?


I have taken classes with Kate Wolf in her studio in Portland,

No matter how many years I have carved, or how much better I get, I
realize that she will still have more she can teach me! And,
besides, it is just plain fun spending time with her in the studio,
and getting a chance to unwind in the beautiful small coastal city
of Portland.

Yes, I’ve taken the one at Revere.


You might take some classes from Vasken Tanielian in Texas at

On this forum he is usually in the CAD/CAM discussions but there are
few wax carvers that can compare to his work.