Wax injectors & vulcanizers

I’m in the market for a good used injector and vulcanizer but am
not too sure what to look for in features. The volume of product
is low, this is something I currently do on the side. My
creations consist of pendants, rings and other items of the same
basic size, so nothing extremely larger that perhaps a bracelet.

Space is also a consideration, the smaller, the better, my shop
is set up in my spare apartment bedroom. I have a 6 & 4 ft table
to store things on. One other issue of concern, I’m in a
wheelchair, so weight must be considered also.

Any suggestions the list may have would be most appreciated.

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX

Terri: I never could find a used one myself and I was looking
for inexpensive but good. FDJ Tools had the best deal in a Grobet
wax injector, cheaper than anyone else. they have a website which
I think is fdjtoolsonline.com You’ll need an air compressor or
some kind of air source though. The hand pump type are cheap but
everyone I know hates them. In the beginning I used a cheap air
tank from any automotive supply store that you can fill with air
and will power the injector for quite some time since the
injectors use very little air. You fill them at the gas station
or what I did was buy a little plug in tire inflator which worked
well. Later I got a big air compressor for my bead blaster and
use that now. I put quick fit connectors on everything so you
just plug them in. Let me know if you need anymore info on this
since I only did this about 9 months ago and still remember how I
set it all up for cheap…Dave

Hi Dave, Sorry for the delay in my reply. My PC has been acting up
with Windows Protection Errors, I ended up having to re-run setup.
After posting this question to the list, I was blessed to inherit the
tools I needed. A very close buddy/jewelry partner pasted away. His
benefactor is giving me his tools. This makes my shop completed for
the exception of odds/ends (toys). I still have to learn how to use
many of them, I’ve read a great deal, but as I’m sure you know,
there’s nothing like ‘hands-on’ to build the skill. I wasn’t sure how
much air pressure was needed, everyone I’ve ever talked to locally,
never used anything but a compressor. I called one distributor for
regarding injectors, when I asked what would be needed
along with it, they simply replied ‘Sears air compressor’ even though
they sell one themselves, I was told Sears would be cheaper since my
jewelry making volume was low. As the old saying goes, “it’s all in
who you know”! Thanks again for the I will store it away
for reference, many times I receive personal emails from other folks
asking for tips and ideas. Sounds like FDJ and the container idea
will be handy. Take care! :slight_smile:

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX