Wax injectors for accurate wax models

Hello folks,

I have a question and need some help. I am thinking about having
metal molds made of some very geometric pieces. I need to check into
getting mold injection equipment so that I can accurately and
perfectly make waxes from these metal molds. Is anyone out there
using this type of technology? do I have to make metal molds to get
really accurate wax models or is there some sort of hard rubber molds
that I can use ? I know that old fashioned vulcanized molds won’t get
me what I need.

I am going to have these molds made from cad generated files. I have
been making these parts by one offs with my cnc mills and am now
ready to have the molds made. It takes a long time [for me] to get
the model to the point where the cost of molds isn’t just throwing
money away on bad parts.

There is so much technology out there that I know nothing about.

thanks in advance Dennis

Hi Dennis,

I noticed that Gesswein has a wax injector specifically for metal
molds: page 115 catalogue #49.

Donna Hiebert Design