Wax injector issues

I recently purchase a the Rio grande vacuum wax injector and am for
the most part pleased. However, I am getting what seems to be a spray
of bubbles across some surface areas. They appear as white lines.
Increasing temperature seems to help but causes other issues. Is
there document that covers the art of wax injection. Any suggestions
or comments are appreciated.

Dallas L. Pridgen
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Try reducing the temperature. The manufacturer of the waxes that I
use recommends between 150 and 165 degrees. However, I tend to get
bubbles at those temperatures. Since then, I dropped the temperature
to 140 degrees and it comes out perfect every time. Give it a try.

JoAnna Kelleher
Pearl Exotics Trading Company
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Dallas, Different color waxes melt at precise temps.I have found that
the temp and pressure are critical to good injection as is the way
the mold is vented and held also the amount of time the mold is held
at the nozzle.If you purchased the wax from rio they should be able
to assist you in determinig your wax temp.Also was there any
contaminants in the pot before you added the wax?Oil or Grease?Oil
might cause streaks or bubbles in your waxes.Regards J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio

Dear All,

I ran into the same bubble issue years ago, and was given the
following advice from some long-forgotten source.

#1) First, tale the top off the unit and spray a little silicone
onto the surface of the melted wax. This seems to help remove the
air trapped there.

#2) Second, and most important, leave the wax pot on all the
time. This may seem wasteful but the air gets into the mixture in
the melting process, and leaving it in a continuous liquid state
eliminates the problem.

Hope this helps,

i use a wax pot that has a springloaded injector, you put the mold
on the nossle, push down and the wax is forced into the mold. it does
not have the plunger you pull up and push down. no air compressor. i
do production casting, little waxes, big waxes, all come out without
problems. my wax person can produce 40-60 waxes an hour. i had to
modify the tip of the nossle, easy to do, but the company who makes
these has evidently never seen a sprue former. their tip is flat with
a small bevel on the edge. i turn my pot off and on by a timer every
day and i have no problems. i use kerr ruby red wax, i have tried
others, trying to save money, and have only incurred grief. kerr ruby
red works great on small delicate to belt buckles size waxes. i am in
denver, temperature changes have caused other waxes to fracture. no
problem with ruby red. i use the least complicated technology, the
same basic equipment that was used 30-40 years ago. i have enough
problems when low tech equipment malfunctions, i don’t want any more
complications. richard hart, denver, see you at SNAG conf.here in june