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Wax injection non-fill

I am facing problem of unfilling at the time of Wax injection in
rubber mold Prongs are not comming as it has to be. 

Ketan, if at all possible, cut additional vent lines emanating
outward from the prongs. Dust the vent lines with talc and blow out.
This will eliminate the slight tackiness, which causes the sides of
the vents to adhere and block air flow. You will now have easy air
passage through the vents. Use a good silicone spray such as Zero-D
Slick, or Castaldo, but use very little. Make sure the spray does
not go in the vents, where you might create a mud. Keep the vents
dry and make sure the talc does not build up. If you do it right,
you will not need to reapply talc to the vents. It is a good idea to
wash the mold and reapply talc before you place the mold in storage.

When you use the spray, use only a puff, then make sure that the wet
appearance changes to dry. Injecting when the mold is wet serves no
purpose. If you are using silicone spray, do not combine with talc.
Just use spray. Use the talc in the vents only.

Remember, wait till the mold appears dry and use as little of the
spray as possible, for best results.

If you still have problems, try making the mold from silicone
rubber, but now, do not use spray. Just talc the vent lines

Best wishes,

Bill Mull

Zero-D Products, Inc.
38285 North Lane. #103
Willoughby, OH 44094 USA
fax 440 942 2130