Wax Injecting issue - Mold powders

Dear Frank & All, One of the best powders I have tried recently is
Gerber brand baby powder. It is 98% cornstarch. Johnson & Johnson
also works well. I powder almost every class ring wax I inject and
there are no problems with either. I do use an air jet from a
compressor to blow the powder off before each injection. There is
still plenty of powder covering the mold to work well. Another great
mold powder is Magnesium Carbonate. Which is a mold powder used for
thirty or forty years by many jewelry manufacturers around my area.
Maybe John Burgess has a comment on the health properties on mold
powders. You would think if your are powdering a baby’s butt the
powder would not have many health problems associated with it. Maybe

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson