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Wax copies


I’d like to be able to have made multiple wax models of a wax
setting I made.

What’s the best way to go about this?

Does anyone recommend a company that can do this?

My casting company does not offer this service as they are concerned
about damage during shipping. I’m not too worried as they are very
basic settings and should ship well enough.


Hello Chris,

the safest way to ship wax models is in a plastic wide neck bottle
of suitable size filled up with water.


Small bubble wrap is great for shipping such fragile waxes. Do you
have a mold or do you need to have one made? If you need one made or
you want to make it yourself, I would use either tin cured (cheaper
but a mold life of only about 10 years) of platinum burred (more $$
for the mold material but near forever life of mold). Silicon will
give you the greatest detail capture and silicons release from wax
better than any other mold material. Do you have a wax injector? If
so inject them yourself, if not, either get an injector or have it
done by???

I make molds, either cut of poured in 2 separate pours, I do have a
hand injector but usually use the pressure pot to make waxes. What
sort of wax do you want the pieces to be injected in, , hard
(crispy but detailed work can be done) or “rubbery” or “plasticity”,
a bit harder to do some work on but not as easy broken - I like the
harder waxes, Sierra Red I my wax of choice - not available anymore
but I likely have over 50 pounds of it).

Call if you are interested in me doing any of this work of you.

West Washington State.

john dach

The best way of getting what you want is to have a casting made from
your wax, clean that up and use it as a pattern for a vulcanised
rubber mould. Your existing casting co should be able to do that for

The casting you are to use as a pattern can be done in any metal so
I would say silver or bronze would be the cheapest.

Hi Chris,

You could make a casting from your wax in silver and then make a
vulcanised rubber mould from the cleaned casting. In this case you
would to deal with multiple stages of shrinkage. Alternative you
could make a direct mould of the wax in RTV silicone. In this case
there are no shrinkage problems but you will probably destroy the wax
when cutting open the mould. Actually in either case you destroy the
original wax.



Never heard about water filled plastic bottles to ship wax or resin.
This is genius!

Also way better than 3 paper boxes, assorted plastic bags and
packing. Not to mention express shipping.

Seems much gentler on our over stressed mother earth.

PS Sorry not going to JCK, I would love to meet you.

35mm plastic film canisters filled with wate rwere the common
container, if it fits!

Tim Blades

Thanks to everyone for the input.

My caster is making vulcanized rubber molds for me. They’ll keep the
molds and I’ll order castings from them as needed. I was hoping they
could send me a few of the waxes they will be making with molds
however they don’t like to ship waxes.

My caster is making vulcanized rubber molds for me. They'll keep
the molds and I'll order castings from them as needed. I was hoping
they could send me a few of the waxes they will be making with
molds however they don't like to ship waxes. 

Something doesn’t sound right, we ship waxes all the time

Larry Paul