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Wax carving Videos

Thanks to all, I have had questions as to what crucible I needed and
where to park in Tucson. I appreciate all of the many responses.

Now I have a new question.

Are there any DVDs or Videos on wax carving? Good quality, close up?
I have a coupe books one by Kellerman? I think. I am very VISUAL and
need hands on or Videos or DVDs as a second choice. No, we will not
be able to get to Tucson this year. Does MetalWerks or Kate Wolf have
a DVD or VIDEO? I have looked on the web and found nothing to date.
There may be one right in front of me and I don’t see it. :slight_smile: I am in
the Salem, Oregon, USA area and would love to find classes in my
area, just haven=92t had any luck with that either.

Any help please,
Doug Asay

Hello Doug,

Well I don’t have any video advice for you, but I do have really
good things to say about the workshops offered by Kate Wolf. At
least, check her out in Tucson giving talks on wax carving. I took
her week long intermediate/advanced workshop in Maine, and took away
many amazing tips and tricks. It was well worth the money spent,
and I would do it again. I know how tough it is to find workshops in
the Northwest.

Good luck,
Mary Linford
Blue Star Wax Carving

Check out

Item #: 81.20.004
Wax Modeling the Matt Way $44.95
by Vigor Company

This professionally prepared video tape shows the simplicity and
versitility of wax-working with Matt tools. 16 minute VHS format

Hi Doug, I am working on a series of Wax Carving Videos, to be
launched in Tucson next year. in the meantime check out the Free
Tutorials at

-Kate Wolf in Portland Maine- Tucson bound in the mornin’!