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Wax carving book?

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try some lost wax casting. It
appears that carving the original wax model might be the biggest
hurdle. Is there an instructional book about wax carving? I haven’t
had any luck finding one. I’m not very artistic so I feel quite
challenged by the job but I do want to learn.


Hiroshi Tsuyuki, 1990 Basic Wax Modelling: An adventure in
creativity, Tokyo, Matsubara Books

Lawrence Kallenberg 2000 Modelling in Wax for Jewelery and Sculpture
Iola, Krause Publications

All the best

Dear John,

Try “Modeling in Wax for Jewelery.” See:

Michael Knight

Try "Modeling in Wax for Jewelery." See: 

Got a copy from Alibris (really cheap), not a bad addition to a wax
worker’s library. CIA

I am absolutely not an expert on wax carving, but I’ve found that
it’s easiest to learn by copying objects. A small toy, a few
centimetres long, or maybe a chunky fashion ring. Work fast, don’t
stress too much. You can use almost anything to carve wax - you can
buy special sets of scrapers, but I manage OK with files and

I can’t recommend a book, but a block of wax and some time will take
you a long way. Hopefully someone else can suggest a book for you.

Jamie Hall

I have put together a paper on how to carve and engrave a simple
bear out of blue Ferris wax. The paper might help you get started
carving wax.

There are several papers I created on wax working at:

I like Jamie’s suggestion. Try copying some simple object. Unlike
wood, wax is very forgiving. Errors can be corrected with a hot tool.

Another way to get started is to use clip art sketches. Bookstores
and the internet have a zillion clip art books. You can find many 2D
drawings you can use to get started.

You can make many fine pendants form clip art.

Once you learn how to make a wax from a clip art sketch you can move
on to more difficult projects.

Objects in wax can also be created with the buildup process and the
construction process. The Ganoksin Blog will take you to papers I
have created on these processes.

The best way to learn is to just get started. Buy some wax and make
something. Work on improving your projects. Challenge yourself.

You will find working with wax is very relaxing.

Good luck,
Lee Epperson

I want to thank every one who responded, here and via email, to my
query about a book on wax carving. I have ordered my first book and
my goodness! If I bought all the wonderful books suggested, I’d not
have any money left for other supplies!

Ganoksin is the place and “Ganoksin-ers” are the greatest!



Thanks for directing me to your site! Your articles contain a wealth
of exactly what I need as a novice wax worker.
Very nice work, and very much appreciated!