Wax carving book

Hi Folks,

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about L. Kallenberg’s book on wax carving,
which I’ve had for several years, and enjoy. I recently acquired
another book on wax carving that is very good, and I thought you might

The book is Basic Wax Carving by Hiroshi Tsuyuki © 1990. ISBN:
4-905588-28-6, 106 pp. Mine is hard back for $24.95. I don’t know if
it’s available in paperback.

As the name implies, it’s fundamental, and covers only wax carving and
build-up. Lots and lots of photos (b&w), illustrations, and
step-by-step instructions. Maybe a little under the level for some of
you pros, but an excellent book for beginner-intermediate levels.

Have fun,

Dave Sebaste