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Wax calculator

Dear All!

I had a problem to overcome, it was bothering me to no end. I
pictured the problem in my mind and then visualised it’s completion.
I walked down to my bench and quickly looked at the plastic wax form
in question. Wow! Case solved! So what is the moral to this story?
Don’t, or just never force yourself to find a resolution to anything,
it might just appear to you when you least expect it…Even just
resting your mind, as I, laying in bed…A real “Eureka” occurred!
Because of this, my early Sunday morning was fruitful! Pricing
anything even from a plastic wax form is also easy. I contact a
web-site called I always look at their
sub-program called “scales/wax calculator” I enter the wax weight and
after one or two entries, I have the final cast weight and final U.S
or Canada cost of the gold at that particular moment. What could be