Wave Accounting software - adequate for a one person shop?

Does anyone use Wave Accounting on line?

If you do, what do you think of it and will it be adequate for a one person, part time shop? Thanks…Rob

I use Wave. In the past I have used a few different programs that cost a lot of money. I will say that wave does not have a lot of bells and whistles and I like that.
It does accounting and it does it well. It is logical and efficient. It may not be for the person who just wants to enter data and have no understanding of accounting. My perspective is that if you do not understand basic accounting concepts, even the just enter data type of accounting will fail you because of that lack of understanding.
I am very pleased with Wave. It is more than adequate for a one person part time shop.
I am a free user with nothing to gain by giving a positive review. Just a pleased user.

Thanks for your input. I am looking to graduate from spreadsheets. I have looked at the opening screens and it may be more than I want to tackle. I do have a CPA who thinks that my records are more than adequate for my level of business activity. What I really want is a relational database that will run on a chromebook. I use airtable, but the free version doesn’t allow me to create freeform documents like invoices…Rob

I use Quickbooks for my business, but I also do the books for a small non-profit and use Wave for them to keep costs down. I think it’s a really impressive program, particularly for being free! Reports are easy to run and very clear, and it seems to auto-learn some basic categories to save you time when adding expenses. Hooking up your accounts directly to a book keeping program, rather than manually entering spreadsheets, will save you a lot of time and can often help you see a bigger picture of your business finances. I’d say link your accounts and give it a try, what’s to lose? If you still prefer your spreadsheets after a month or two, close your account and go back to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve used Wave before… for a sole proprietor with a part-time shop, I think it is absolutely sufficient. And the price is right.