Waterglass as Adhesive

Hi Folks,

I’ve been following the “waterglass” mentions with some interest,
always in quest of an easy-to-use, bubble-free adhesive for opal
triplets and doublets.

It seems to me that if the stuff glues glass so strongly that the
glass will break before the joint does it should be excellently suited
for use in doublets etc. also.

Perhaps someone who has first hand experience or technical expertise
could comment on this application of waterglass, what would speak for
it, what against?

Cheers & thanks, Hans Durstling Moncton, Canada

I think we haven’t mentioned one major draw-back to using waterglass
glue. It disolves in water. We used it for mounting rock ends in
the slab saw. We mount the rock to a piece of wood that can be held
in the vice. Waterglass glue will hold in the oil. When we are done
the rock is removed by putting the wood (with rock glued on) into a
bucket of water. It releases after a few days. Steve Ramsdell