Water Torches

Anne, We used one of those water torches years ago. It sure
didn’t get very hot, and had a tiny little flame. It was only
good for soldering chains and such. Don’t use it anymore. Maybe
the technology is better these days.

Mark P.


I’ve searched the Orchid Archives, but am having trouble finding
on water torches. I found a bit of info in safety
section and some info on rec.craft.metalworking. (see quote below.)

I’m a chicken when it comes to using oxygen and fuel (propane or
acetylene) in my house (where my workshop is). (I thought about
natural gas, but think I need oxygen tank with this as well.) I’m a
hobbyist and not used to deal with tanks, regulators, etc. I used to
live in Australia and found that I could use the gas (propane?) there
without oxygen; however, in US, I’ve tried Bernz and MAPP gas
cylinders, but they don’t seem hot enough.)

Therefore, although expensive, I thought the water torch sounded like
a wonderful alternative–unless there is some safety or other issue
I’m missing.

Any pointers?

Is this appropriate for a hobbyist?

excerpt from rec.craft.metalworking: “The Rolls Royce of torches is
a Water torch as sold by Gesswien or Frei & Borel. A Water torch uses
distilled water and electricity. The water is electrolyzed into
Hydrogen, and Oxygen and then blended in the torch handle. Most high
end jewelry shops use these exclusively for platinum and gold work.
They are not cheap, but you will never have to buy a tank of gas
again. http://www.eskimo.com/~two/148.htm

Thanks so much, Deborah

Note that it requires distilled water as fuel. That’s a bit of a

  • darcy

As a matter of curiosity – does it have to really be distilledd? or
just deionized. (an awful lot of the “distilled” water you buy
nowadays is really only deionized.


Ahh it may take distilled water but at 4 onces a week i don’t call
that a pain . I was using 45& a month in in gases for my micro torch.
I have been using an L&R for 18 Years now never had a malfuction it
consumes about 3$ a month in electricity. I call that a bargin by any
means. I like it so much I bought 2 more off of ebay for 500$ each
they sell for 2200$.

yours John L. Kamfonik (owner of the Gem Factory)

Hi Margaret, DEIONIZED water is just fine, but be sure it is deionized
and not “Spring Water” or just filtered or just subjected to reverse
osmosis. Spring water has lots of ions in it. (That’s what gives it
its taste). Filtration does not take out any ions and reverse osmosis
just removes part of them. Regards…Bob Williams

The water must be “triple distilled” (not the stuff you can buy in
the grocery store) or deionized, according to a rep of a company that
makes water torches. You would get it from a medical or scientific
supply compant. --Noel

I’ve been using an L&R water torch since '95. I use distilled water
that I pick up my supermarket and methyl ethyle ketone in the atomizer
tank, which I can get at a Sears store. I’ve never had any problems
with it and like it very much. Leda

Hi Folks,

Just out of curiosity, is there anyone on the list who’s used both
the Turbo-Braze ‘Hydroflux Welder’ and the Elma ‘Hot Flame 100’? If
so, can you tell me anything about their respective handling
characteristics and/or limitations, and whether the additional $5 or
600 for the Elma makes sense for someone transitioning to jewelry
design and manufacture in a non-gas environment? Also, is anyone
familiar with the exhaust byproducts of these, during use, and if
there are any special protection or ventilationneeds to beconsidered?

Many thanks, in advance,
Douglas Turet, G.J.
Lapidary Artist & Designer