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Water of Ayr Stones

Would you please tell me what “water of Ayr Stone” is

Bob: a Water of Ayr stones is a natural stones from Scotland
used for finishing silver to a stage at which it can be polished.
It is designed to get small scratches of the surface. IT is
dipped in water which acts as a lubricant, then rubbed over the
surface of the metal. The stones gradually shapes itself to the
work as it is used. I don’t think they can be purchased in the
US, they are becoming difficult to get in the UK now. They vary
from about 5mm thick to about 25mm thick.

One advantage of using the water of Ayr Stone is that the end
can be shaped to get into those areas that we all swear we will
never again design into a peice of jewelry. Using the paper glued
or wrapped around or to a stick does not give a sharp edge and
besides, the edges fray.Does anyone still know of any American

It would be intersting if there are an US sources for Water of
Ayr stones. In my opinion there really isn’t anything as good for
finishing complex surfaces as a Water of Ayr Stone. I could
start a little export business if anyone wants to try one (money
up front, of course!)


What is the price of this stone from Scotland?


Is there somewhere in the UK, us Yankies can mailorder a handful of these
Scotch stones?..Dave<<

There is a comapny called Exchange Findings 11-13 Hatton Wall,
London, EC1N 8HX Telephone: +44 171 831 7574 who sell Water of
Ayr stones. Give them a call and see if they will send you some.