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Water included quartz

Alan, These crystals are called “enhydros” . While not at all
common, they are found in many quartz crystal locatations. Some
crystals have water inclusions, but because they are only single
phase , they cannot be easily found. Two phase inclusions (fluid &
gas) are easier to see and rarer (worth more) Three phase inclusions
(solid, fluid & gas) are rarer yet and worth somewhat more. Value is
dependant on quality of the specimen. An enhydro can sell for 10 or
20 times (or more) an equivalent quartz specimen. Enhydros are also
found in other species of crystal. (beryl, sapphire, etc.) as well as
some agates. The water is trapped when the crystal is growing. this
would make the water millions of years old at least and probably has
a very high mineral content. Enhydros are usually available at large
gem shows, Tucson for sure. As for taste,(?) who would open one to
find out? probably tastes like dirt ! :slight_smile:

Mark Thomas Ruby, SunSpirit Designs

P.S. there is a quartz deposit in the area of Telluride CO that
produces about 80% of crystals with water, 20% 2 phase, 1-3% 3
phase. and a very unusual triangle shaped crystal habit. VERY NICE!

I was wondering if anyone has a picture of water included quartz? I do
not believe that I have ever seen this before. Thank you Jim

   I was wondering if anyone has a picture of water included

Jim, looking at a picture of an enhydro quartz is like looking at a
picture of any included quartz. For the most part, the water and gas
is not going to be visible for what they are in a static state. The
novelty is watching the movement of the gas phase within the liquid
phase. This is something you must experience first hand to fully
appreciate and understand.

Charles Heick