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Water Hardening tool steel


I’ve been trying to locate Water Hardening tool steel (in the USA) in
the smaller diameters for making repousse and chasing tools but have
been unable to locate a suitable source. Can anyone put me onto a
reliable company that actually has Water Hardening tool steel in
stock ?

Thanks !
Brett Garrett


Hi Brett:

MSC has it. I get the square stuff for chasing punches.

I’d look it up on their website, but it appears to be down for
maintenance at this particular instant.

They’re calling it ‘square drawn’ tool steel or something. Page 1735
of the catalog, if I remember correctly. a 1/4"x3 foot stick of W-1
is $6.25.

I had the entire thing listed in my reply to the recent thread about
steels for stamps.



I found it at They have retail locations in
many cities, so visit their website to see if there is one near you.
Otherwise, you can order directly from the website. They will also
cut the 36" rods to your specified length. They also have a great
scrap table in the retail stores where you can pick up good sized
bits and pieces of tool steel, brass, bronze, copper, and whatever
else they may have, including sections of steel I-beams (great for
anvils!). Selection varies. Usual disclaimers apply.

Emie Stewart


Mcmaster Carr [] has both round drill rod and flats and
squares in the appropriate sizes. Look for W1 tool steel on their

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Water hardening drill rod is a staple item form most industrial and
tool suppliers. Here are some internet retailers that have it in
stock. Just search for Drill Rod.

There are many more out there and most local industrial suppliers
will have it as well.

A2Z Corp


Enco Has a good supply…

I think the last time I got some it was marketed as drill rod and
they had air,oil, and water hardening and many diameters.

Rick Sindeband
Skystone and Silver, LLC


I’ve just started dealing with Online Metals Supply, and they’re
been good so far. Check here:



Hi Brett

Can anyone put me onto a reliable company that actually has Water
Hardening tool steel in stock ? 

Most any industrial supply company sells water hardening tool steel.
Check your yellow pages for a local supplier.

If you can’t find a local supplier go to

They have it in all shapes & sizes.

Usual disclaimers, just a very satisfied customer.



MSCdirect has the tool steels in oil, water and air hardening in
various sizes, here is a link to their catalog page with water
hardening steel:



I have been getting tool steel from They have nice
quick service and specialize in small orders.