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[Watches] tachymeter chronograph


Hi, all…

Client of mine called up asking for some on a watch,
which a) I don’t specialize in, and b) is kind of out of the
range of things I handle.

He’s looking for a tachymeter chronograph (triple dial, sweep
second hand) with an Indiglo feature, or similar light up face.

Any hints on where to look? Oh, and this is his everyday watch,
so he’s hoping for something on the less expensive side.

TIA for the help

Kat Tanaka
in overcast Carlsbad, CA


The watch you are describing sounds like a Breitling, my watch
of choice. I must warn you that they are not inexpensive. Check
it out Steve D.


Kat- Checkout Citizens (sorry for the brand blaring) new line of
solar units. When last I saw the new catalog they had a line of
chronos that light in this new series, it’s only been on the
market a little over two years, I think. Seiko of course has the
full line of chronos, but I don’t know if the faces light. Good
Luck, Leslie