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[Watches] skilled watchmaker?


Dear Fellow Tool-Users: Does anyone know of a skilled
watchmaker? I’m researching a project that requires the skill of
a custom watchmaker.Someone who can construct a watch-movement to
fit the housing that I am building. Or someone who can provide
the watch movementfor which I will then build the housing. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Kim Eric Lilot


I did some research into this a few years back - haven’t gotten
the watch bracelet finished yet, it’s in my ‘round toit file’.

I talked to a watch maker/repairman, he gave me a small plastic
case that the new movements come in and suggested I cast it in
the desired metal as a starting point. I could then add
embellishment to that and still have a space that would fit a

The movements’ size and shape are fairly standard and I had no
trouble finding a source.

A second alternative is to locate a used watch case, and use it
for the base for other embellishments. I did locate a 14KT case
and have it set aside for my project. This case would need to be
in a metal that you could make additions too.

Good luck, now I want to get back to my watch bracelet.