[Watches] Rolex band question

I have a customer/ friend that has a rolex 18k and Stainless
steal watch band. He has lost a piece of trim on the band. I
know that I can make the piece but I’m not sure how to solder
the trim in place. It doesn’t look like it was soft soldered or
gold soldered. I don’t want to mess up the band, so can anyone
suggest a solder for me? Thanks, Janine in Redding

If you’ll pardon me for interjecting an appraiser’s viewpoint –
what is the effect of a repair on the value of a Rolex? Should
it not be sent back to the factory by an authorized retailer?

I admit to not being an expert on this…but it seems to me that
a repair could lower the value…that it makes it less a factory

That’s my two cents.


Dear Moris,

I have repaired many bands on many watches for many years and it
is not clear to me quite what you are asking…the Rolex steel and
gold does not have any trim as you say, rather it is gold links
and steel pins on a steel and gold. If there is a lot of space
between the gold links on the watch then it is very stretched and
probably needs refurbished…if you want to merely make a small
link visualize a small half circle with flat side down ( under
the band. The weld location is on the bottom in the center of the
flat section…Just roll out a flat piece, round it insert it and
weld it . A water torch works well in applications such as this,
but any torch you are used to will be fine. If you need more
assistance contact me off list .


Terry Parresol
and a few other things


I have worked with watch repair people whom have been trained by
Rolex but not employed in their factories. I have also worked
with watch repair people whom have not been trained by Rolex but
are just as competent. The only real difference is if they are
using genuine parts. Rolex charges at least twice as much, and
takes three times as long to return their product. And I have
had people returning repairs back to Rolex because the problem
still was not fixed. Bottom line, they are only human too.
Would a ring with the “Tiffany” name not have the same value if
it was sized by a jeweler not employed by Tiffany’s?

Rolex only gives a one year warranty anyway. Some distributors
will add an additional 2 year warranty. Other watch
manufacturers will give a 3 year warranty from the factory.

If the watch has a generic band, that will lower the value. The
interior parts for the most part, come from Rolex.

Hope this helps.