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[Watches] Pocketwatch

Has anyone out there ever encountered a pocketwatch with a name
on the dial showing: Sam F. Sipe Pittsburgh, PA ? Case numbers
are: 255683 REGENT C.W.C CO. The movement is numbered: 3909665
and also says, “G.M. Wheeler” Elgin.

I have a customer wanting to know the value on this, but I have
never seen one. If anyone has any on this watch,
please e-mail me!


Bill Warren
The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts @mrb


Is there a name, engraved, on the movement?  Sam Sipe may
have had some watches made for him.  The name with the case
numbers should be the case manufacturer (not always the same
as the movement manufacturer) Curtis

CWCCO. is I believe Chicago Watch something Co., which, I
think, was in Elgin, Illinois. You need to go to the library
or the bookstore (hobbies/collectibles section) and there are
whole books on pocketwatches. You look up your watch. What
is the condition of the watch? What type of movement is it?
17 jewels? What is the metal of the watch case? Sterling?
Steel? Goldplate? What is the decoration on the case?
What type of dial is it? Porcelin? Enamel? You can also
look at Auction books, find a match, then get the acutal
sale price, not the pre-auction estimate.

Many watches somewhat like what you describe are common and
not terrribly favoroured by collectors.  Off the cuff, it
seems that your clients _might_ fall $50-$100.  I suggest the

Chicago, Illinois, US
At the Great Lakes

Dear Warren, This could be a difficult question to answer
without more First, the name on the dial is most
probably a jeweler in Pittsburgh as this was a fairly common
occurrence for a store to have dials printed with the store
name, ( which was usually the owner name ). Movements were
shipped in small tins from the Elgin factory and cased by
the Jeweler. Watch shopping consisted of choosing a movement
that fit your budget and lifestyle, and then a case for the
same purpose… The case and numbers are of little reference
value as case companies kept poor records. Determine if the
case is gold, gold filled, silver, silveroid and let me know.
Second, I do not have an Elgin serial and grade number guide
close at hand , but if the number you listed is correct this
puts the watch at about 1888 more or less which probably
means it is an 18 size full plate movement, from 11 to 15
jewels… if this educated guess is correct, then is the watch
running?..and if it is running how well is it running…? GM
Wheelers at the time were good watches which sold for about
$120.00 in late 1800,s…I have several in my parts drawer.
Don’t mean to skirt the issue, if it is a gold filled case
with moderate wear, and if the movement runs to within 2
minutes a day without cleaning, probably $150.00 (retail )

Supply more and I can be more specific.Generally
when I get a query from a customer as to value I am cautious
because there are so many variables and usually the customer
has more than one agenda. I'm sure many of us could write a
book each on this topic. Give me more info and I'll try to
help. Terry Parresol