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[Watches] Pocketwatch Info

I need some regarding a pocketwatch brought in by a
customer for appraisal. The pocketwatch mentioned was made by
Elgin National Watch Co., it has a gold filled casing,
satisfactory condition, white porcelain face with roman numeral
markers, black spade hands, case #2127617, Pat’d Nov, 19 1889,
movement # 5051843, not sure of size. Could anyone with
on year of manufacture and approximate value of a
pocketwatch this type please e-mail me and let me know? I would
appreciate the help!


Bill Warren,
The Gold Mine
Hudson, NC

Hi Warren, This is directly from the Elgin Watch
Manual. The watch you have with Serial # 5051843 is a Grade 73
that had a total production of 659,000 starting with #2240001 and
ending with 7607000. It is a Size 18 with an Open Face, Gilt
Plate Model 5, Pendant Set. It is a 7 Jewel watch that has a
production date in approximately 1893. As for value I’m not
sure on that account, maybe someone else can help you there.

Warren, Marilyn’s listing from the Elgin grade book you need
for any appraisal ( or should we be writing ‘insurance
evaluation report’ ). One really needs to have a good background
in watches to run an evaluation and it depends very much on
internal as well as external analysis. Is the watch clean,
dirty, does the balance have good action, what is the jewel count
and how are they mounted ( pressed in ? screwed in ? gold
settings? ) what grade did Elgin list the watch as ? Case
condition … clean, dented, worn, what type metal, I could go
on for hours ( a note : I have three watch benches and two
goldsmith benches and a half a clock bench )

Go to some watch shows ,( check with any NAWCC member in your
area ) and you will get a quick education as to value.

Any seven jewel watch is considered low grade in this
instance…In the best condition value is no greater the $150.00

Terry Parresol in hot again central Florida