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[watches] Omega Seamaster 600 Stainless

Hi folks!
I was rummaging though a junk jewelry bin at an antique store this
afternoon when I came upon a most unusual piece. It’s a mint Omega
Seamaster 600 Stainless, Screw-on Stainless Back, Circa late 60’s if I’m
not mistaken. It’s just a plain watch face with a sweep second hand and a
luminous dial. There’s no date or calendar as there are on the newer
Seamaster models. It is, of course, stamped Waterproof, as were all the
early Seamasters. I really like it, and can’t wait to put it on my wrist.
Can anyone help me to identify this watch more precisely? How much is
this model worth? When exactly was it made? Any help with my sleuthing
will be most gratefully appreciated. -Pete Steiner-
Depew, New York