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[Watches] Accutron

Are any old Accutrons worth anything? Any info would be great.


Depends on if they are working or not. I know of a couple of watchmakers
in the Seattle area who repair and/or buy/sell them. Stella

Accutrons are highly collectable, however, certain models are more rare,
more desired and therefore worth more than others. Condition is another
important variable with any collectable. Prices can reange from $60 -
$1000 or more. What exactly do you have, details are important.

Chris Maugham

Are any old Accutrons worth anything?

If you get a copy of the watch collectors “Complete price guide to
Watches” by Cooksey and Shugart you may find a picture / price of your
Accutron. Batteries are not available anymore, (mercury) so the watch must
be re callibrated to the new silver oxide batteries. Also, parts are hard
to find and expensive, and finding someone who can repair. I am currently
a student at Gem City College learning watch repair and am interested in
finding old accutrons to repair. The course does not teach Accutrons, but
if you have one, The instructor will teach you.

Any other questions, e-mail at <@scott_anderson>


Maybe someone else will have more detailed, current but I can
tell you that I looked into getting an Accutron as a sentimental keepsake
(my uncle had one) and the are workth something. There is a Watch Price
Guide you could probably sneak a peak into at the bookstore, but the
Spaceview Accutrons (see thru the dial to the works) are probably the most
expensive, and the gold plated cases are worth more than the stainless
ones of comparable condition. Spaceviews about $250 or more, I would
think, but that is from memory from looking at the Price Guide a few years

They are susceptible to magnetic fields if you wear one, so watch out, no
pun intended.


When I was a (relatively speaking) youngster, I purchased a beautiful,
gold with dimond accutron, little did I know that I’d have to have the
movement replaced every couple of years! Repairs have cost me nearly as
much as the initial watch! I would never recommend one of these suckers .
. . I now wear mine as a bracelet, and pretend that it’s “still running.”

Hi, A lot of the spaceview accutrons were converted from accutrons that
were not spaceviews, I have a solid gold one that is an original spaceview
and was working fine when I bought it and the man walked out of the shop
and when I looked at it a couple of days later it was not working and has
been a our watchmakers for 4 months and he always says he is waiting for
this little spring or piece that goes on the back! I could have sold it 3
times if it was running!! It certainly gets frustrating! Considering you
pay a lot for it cause its running and original and gold and then you sit
on it for months! Have a good 4th Everyone! Sincerely Chris Antique & Estate Jewelry, Watches & Antiques

It is a little known fact that old Accutron watches contain a dangerous
mix of toxic materials, and must be disposed of carefully. If you will
send them to me I can do this for you, and save you all the hassle of
contacting an official toxic waste handling company…

Just kidding. Seriously, they are collected, but like anything else,
condition is everything. They can be very expensive to repair, so value
drops if they don’t work. I suggest you contact the clocks list at

but you’ll have to give a bit more detail as to mechanical condition.


Kevin Eva, Northern England, UK
@Kevin_Eva (home)

Sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with your accutron. I am
a fan of accutrons. I also collect them. I am taking a watch repair class
at Gem City college and have enjoyed learning about accutrons. parts are
hard to find.

If you need a source for a good Accutron repair person, please e-mail me
at @Stella1011. I have afriend who does a great job of repairing
these suckers and has a few parts that she bought when she bought my
father’s watchmaking parts and tools from my mother. Stella

Just to add a little bit, it should be remembered that the original
accutron watch was a break through in technology; previously, all battery
watches (the few that there were) operated by the traditional balance
wheel, the part that went (tic-tock) on your old watch. the accutron used
a ‘tuning fork’ vibrating at a very set and controlled tone, thereby
eliminating inaccuracies due to the extra gears. Although I was quite
young when the Bulova accutrons first came out, I remember that it was a
miracle in watch technology-bulova made them in all kinds of cases.
Stainless, 14kt, Gold filled, some with diamonds etc. Recently, (about
four years ago,) I sold our last Ladies 14kt Accutron with diamonds to a
customer. The watch band was of heavy gauge metal, something we dont
really see anymore. The point is that now it is clearly like a 386
computer, or the timex sinclair computer. Completely out of date, but
will probably be a collectors item in the future.

regards, allan