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Watch Repair Schools

While this is a little off topic, I have nephew who is interested in
learning watch repair (quality mechanical watches). Any opinions on
schools in the US would be greatly appreciated. Mark Chapman

Have him contact the NAWCC ( National Watch and Clock Collectors).
They have an extensive web site and can gladly give him any help he
may need. Try … to get to the web site

Mike & Dale, The ultrasonic repair guys.
Lone Star Technical Service

Mark Chapman, in regards to your question about a reputable
mechanical watch repair course or school, check out Dan Gendrons
Schools at I have taken his quartz watch repair
course and can recommend his courses. He is an accomplished 6th
generation watch maker and a very good instructor.

Gary Dirks
Janine’s Jewelry
Redding, Ca.

Try The North Bennet Street School in the East End (Little Italy
section) of Boston, MA. They have always had a watch repair program
in place, and might be the only school left in the country offering
that instruction.


Just a note on Boston geography: the North Bennett Street School is
in the North End of Boston, not the East End, even though technically
the section is more east than north. East Boston is across the
harbor. (What do you expect from a city that let the cows plan the
streets? This is a place where sometimes you really cawn’t get
they-ah from hee-ah.)

Suzanne from the Nawth Shoah (North Shore, for those without Boston

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

The (AWI) - The American Watch and Clockmakers Institute in
Harrison Ohio is world known for watch and clock repair education.
Check out their web site follow service to education
both on site and a traveling program around the US.

Barbara McLaughlin

I highly recommend AWI ( American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
). They are recommended by and in close relationship with the
world’s finest watchmaking school, WOSTEP of Switzerland ( ). I went to the one
year program and was impressed. The staff, who treated their
students like family, went out of their way to ensure that I learned
everything, despite my hearing-impairment. I felt that I didn’t have
to hire an interpreter, which would have been costly. To learn
more about them go to :

P.S. Thank you all for your help with my search for the channel wire
for making eyewear frames.

Daniel Biery Jr.
Master Goldsmith
Industrial Designer