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Watch parts?

Hi! I’m hoping y’all can help me find a supplier for watch parts.
I’d like to make a watch face out of gemstone to put into an
otherwise fully assembled watch. I did take a look through the
Thomas Register and the Orchid archives (no luck), but without
calling a heck of a lot of suppliers it’s hard to tell if any of
them have what I’m looking for. Any suggestions?

I’d also love to hear any tips you might have for working on
such a project.

As always, thanks a lot!

Kara, Have you tried Caskers in Cincinnati? I receive their
flyers and they promote more watch parts than jewelry making

fax 800-487-5848

Kelly Rae

Dear Kara:

As a watch repairman for many years, I have always found the
Casker Company to carry everything I need. You may contact them
for a catalog at telephone number 1-800-487-0408. Hope this


Bill Warren,
The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Hudson, NC