Watch Cases

 But the case is proving to be tougher to source, and the watch
making community frankly hasn't been too forthcoming with info! 

Dear Andrew, Ouch! I am a practicing watchmaker ( and an AWI member
for many years, and a member of their on-line group), and a
practicing Goldsmith. Casemaking is a very difficult prospect and
from a goldsmithing point of view offers a chance to really extend
your knowledge or go crazy. If you do not have extensive goldsmithing
skills I might suggest you seek alternative sources. At many NAWCC
shows there are Masonic pocket watches for sale. If you insist on
making your own pocket watch case( the Unitas movement would not be
my first choice( or second) but be that as it may this would be the
starting point for arriving at your measurements. I would study over
a good case style you like before attempting the manufacture as there
are many small intricacies which you might miss. I will not attempt
to detail any process as it would bore this community I think, and at
any rate space wouldn’t allow. Instead I will refer you to the
following resource so that it cannot be said the watchmaking
community ( which is very small I might add) is not forthcoming with
George Daniels( the most preeminent watchmaker alive
today I think) has two chapters in his astounding book"Watchmaking"
(ISBN ) 85667 497 4, which detail both a handmade case and details a
lathe made case. Your lathe skills must be very good to attempt this
in Gold. There is a casemaker in Florida as I recall but cannot find
the data you might need at this very moment ( I will search later and
e-mail you off list )and I have Christmas orders to fulfill so I need
to get going this morning ( Todays job is a waterproof cylinder charm
in which the customer wants to put a love note from his wife so he
may wear it daily around his neck )

Good luck on your project
Terry Parresol
Parresol Jewelers,Watchmakers,Goldsmiths
Lakeland, Florida