Watch band like bracelet

I know this is going to be way over my head if I try this, but I’m
wondering anyway.

Last week I saw a bracelet which was just like one of those “slinky”
watch bands (ie seamless) BUT it had what looked like a retulcated
(spelling) surface that was seamless around the whole piece. (it was
gold, but that’s beside the point)

I looked a little at the sides, and saw no soldering marks, it
wasn’t very thick, and it was very seamless.

My question is how does a person go about doing that? Do they make a
wax mold of the links, and then impress the pattern over it? (and
cast all the links) or is this a soldering job, or what?

Also, are there any good books on chains and watchbands that I can
pick up? (or sites)

this idea would be fun to play around with, but only once my skills
at working small get A LOT better…