[Washington] Seeking a mentor

Dear fellow artists,

This is the first time I have written anything into the forum. I
hope my questions are not inappropriate to the content of the forum.
I am an aspiring silversmith artist that lives in an area "Spokane"
Washington with no training available at all that I can find. I am
seeking a silversmith or metal smith artist that will teach and share
some basic skills for payment or for work; I have some valuable
experience with CAD systems to offer, and over 10 year Mechanical
Design experience in my past. I have dreamed of becoming a bench
jeweler for years and am trying to arrange to attend a formal school
on the subject, but would dream of find a mentor or just a friend in
this area willing to exchange in person on the subject and review
basic torch techniques et. I have a lot of experience creating and
selling very detailed seed bead work at galleries all over.

Thank you for your patience listening to the request. Please email me
personally and we can exchange if anyone is interested in
contacting me.


Have you spoken with Peter Jagoda at Spokane Falls Community
College? Good program, great teacher… Another resource is the
Spokane Arts Center. I’ve taught there a couple of times through the
local guild, which is good group of people.

Good luck,
Andy Cooperman


It is unfortunate that you are in the “wrong” Washington: my studio
and gallery are located just north of Washington, DC. I would LOVE to
find someone like you! I have been looking for someone with computer
skills to assist me, do a little shop maintenance, and some basic
bench work in exchange for mentoring , bench space in a FULLY
equipped atelier creating one-of-a-king art jewelry, and a modest

I’m sure you will not have a problem finding someone to assist you.
If you should decide to move East, call me! And, if there is anyone
else out there in Orchidland looking for a similar situation, please
contact me!

Douglas Zaruba
33 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107