Washington DC Jewelry Attractions

Hi gang, I am going to be in Washington DC/The Westin the first week
of October. What’s happening that I won’t want to miss?

Bill Seeley
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

Hello Bill, I hope you enjoy your trip to D.C… There are always
plenty of things to see at the Smithsonian museums. Also be sure to
visit two of my favorite jewelry stores: I.GORMAN at 1133 20th st,
Washington, D.C. and JEWELERS WERKS, 3319 Cady’s Alley Nw,
Washington, D.C… The first is a very fine jewelry store featuring
very modern pieces and the second features modern craft type pieces
from many designers. They have drawer after drawer of them.

Have fun,
Tom Arnold

Check out the National Bead Museum run by the Bead Society of
Greater Washington on 7th street near National Arcieves and near
China town. Thye have a website.

Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

It’s an hour up to Baltimore as well…I think there used to be a lot
of jewelry on display at the Walters Art Gallery, but I am not sure
if that was a passing exhibit or a permenant one.


The Indian Craft Shop is at the Dept. of the Interior, kind of across
the street from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A hidden gem. Has work
from Native Americans from reservations, much of which is really well
done - and very reasonably priced. They also have a museum space
there. You will need id since it is a federal building and now has
all the extensive screening in place.

Beth in SC