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Marilyn Smith wrote:

I was in one of his workshops at Arrowmont last summer. He sure
is a terrific teacher. (Charles, if you are reading this ...Hi
and is it cold in Canada? Maybe you can fold form some icles.)
Here is his e-mail address.. briannet@cadvision.com

I concur, having been to several of Charles’ workshops - don’t
ever miss one within a two state radius! BTW, try BRAINnet, as
opposed to brian…Mike.

Thanks Mike, Marilyn, I appreciate your compliments :slight_smile:

not sure whether capital letters do anything or not in an Email
address. Here it is:


And yes it has been ludicrously cold here this week -39.7
Celcius yesterday. sunny though. -40 F and -40 C are the same
temperature. Broke all written records locally.


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