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Was Educated Sales Staff, now too much work?

Dear Sharon, While I do not know of the details of your
situation, there are nevertheless others of us who have chosen,
for a variety of reasons, to not hire any bench people, in effect
to do it all ourselves. I do have a large store and I do have a
lot of work. Custom gold rings, pendants, earrings and I just
finished a bracelet. I take in any and all jobs I think I can do.
Lots of strange and wonderful repair work. I also rebuild
watches, pocket watches, wrist watches, and handle repairs to
high end watches like Pateks,and Audemars and Rolex… which
leads me to my point…a long time wholesaler here in Florida (
Family in retail for many years and he also sits on FJA board )
when I was complaining (hmmm not complaining but venting, about
what? success ? ) uh where was I, yes he said something to me ten
years ago I have never forgotten…in an offhand way , " Terry if
you are that busy you’re not charging enough". He then proceeded
to leave me a watch to fix ( an accutron ) said he could’nt
find any one else in a tri state area to repair it ? and oh
dont charge him too much …

My customers also come because I do everything and send nothing out.
In order to keep up I have a home shop ( 9x20 ) off the garage and I
work two hours every night… What you do you must enjoy and be
prepared to work long hours. It will work out if you plan to tell
your customers how long it will take to repair and custom make what
they want. Be specific and calm when you say 4 weeks, or whatever, and
they appreciate the good work even if it took a long time. You will be
fine because you care, and we can sense this because you are searching
for an answer. ( now I have to go back to work also Sharon, a cast in
the oven and a 992B that is no longer isochronous). Lots of Love and
Luck from someone who does like retail (too old to still think I’m
crazy) ( charge more, work less . {only it did’nt work})

Terry Parresol in Central Florida very hot now