Wanted: Beach Sand from Gulf Coast of Florida, USA

This is a request to any Orchidites who live near the Gulf Coast of

I need a little bit (say, a cup) of sand from a beach along the Gulf
Coast of Florida. The very white sugar sand (like that found in
around Navarre and probably other places along the upper west coast
and panhandle) is acceptable, but I’m specifically looking for some
of the white-pink-pastelly pulverized shell sand that is found along
Captiva, Sanibel, Caya Costa, and Anna Maria islands. If there were a
few colorful coquina shells in the mix, I’d be ecstatic. A few grains
of sea oat or other native plant fragments are also desireable,
unless this is against the law.

I would be happy to swop one of my steel washer and tin can metal
brooches or a wire trimmed plate for this, or we can come to some
other agreement.

Please contact me off-list.

Thanks, Christine, getting ready for yet another snow dump in
Littleton, Massachusetts