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[Want to buy] Used Foredom flex shaft system

I’m looking to purchase a nice used Foredom system (motor, foot
pedal, hand piece). Is anyone selling one? I have looked on eBay and
Craigslist in my area and nothing is really coming up that isn’t
selling for the price of a brand new system. Thanks in advance!

Sometimes the jewelry tool suppliers, like Rio or Otto Frei, etc.,
have re-conditioned tools available. Maybe check them out.



I have a 1/4 horsepower Foredom unit with foot pedal, heavy duty
shaft and hand piece (Jacob’s chuck). The heavy duty shaft and hand
piece are required for the 1/4HP motor. I bought the unit several
years ago but never used used it. You can see a picture of the unit

I am asking $185.00 plus postage. Write off list for additional

Steve Brixner

check out your local rock shops, bead stores, bulletin boards at
community colleges or wherever classes might be held. Call Santa Fe
Jewelers 1-800-659-3835 to ask about their used tool bulletin board,
call Rio Grande and ask the same, call Foredom to see if they have
second-hand machines or know of a resource. (I got my Trimline tent
at a significant markdown as a customer return for a pinhole it took
me 3 weeks to find and 4 minutes to repair.) Also put a “wanted” post
on eBay and Craigslist, as it may push someone who’s forgotten their
extra machine gathering dust. SearchTempest is a site which will
search ALL Craigslists at once - you just have to convince the seller
to ship it to you.

(One last thing - I had the knock-off, "recommended for beginners"
flex shaft from a well-known tool company, and when it started to
degrade it cost me more in assoc. tools than I had saved by not
purchasing the Foredom brand in the first place. Hold out for the


Sam Kaffine

I have used Fordom Equipment (or tools) for 42 years and the only
thing I have ever replaced is the flex shaft cables. If you plan on
being a life-time Jeweller - Buy the best tools, they make you money
and saves time.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ