[Want to Buy] Rolling Mills

Hello List Friends,

I am looking to purchase two used rolling mills in good condition.
Can anyone on the list offer a source for these? My father-in-law
regularly buys used equipment and he says that he has only seen one
in fair condition in past several years so I may end up having to buy
them new. Can anyone offer a good source for buying them new in case
I can’t find any used ones? Thanks for your help.

Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts
(702) 436-7685

Hi all,

I’d really recommend the Pepetools $399 roll mill, which is cheaper
new than most used Cavallins are. It has a sufficient-for-most-jobs
flat area as well as a wire mill. It’s not the BEST roll mill you can
buy, but I’m on the budget plan and it works great for me. I am wary
of buying used equipment I can’t try out first. I got my Pepetools
from Allcraft in NYC; they are widely available from other sources.

No affiliation, etc.
Happy holidays,
Julia Newton

I finally stopped to read a posting under this heading, thinking I
have had a large rolling mill sitting unused for fifteen years or
more. If someone is looking for one, contact me off-list and I will
go and dust it off, get the details of the maker and size, and you
can make me an offer.

Jon Michael Fuja

After cutting open some rather secure packaging, changing the
rollers from flat to wire, and a few hours of spare time I now have 1
troy ounce of recycled fine silver in 20 Ga wire instead of the ingot
I had a mere day ago.

I found a rather good deal on a rolling mill made in India through
eBay (a little over $200 including shipping). (Waiting for someone to
smack me upside the head for spending $200 to recycle $7.50 in
silver… Crickets chirping… OK, I guess everyone else understands
that we need our toys.) It may need a tiny shim under the far bottom
roller as the wire rollers do not quite come together 100%, but I am
assuming the slightly out-of-tolerance issue is as a result of the
"you get what you pay for" philosophy.

All in all, I am pleased. As an aside, my right arm is rather tired
from all of that cranking. The slight rough edges on the wire due to
the gap were easily remedied with my draw plate. I guess if I was
rolling sheet I would need to run it through backwards to correct the
size difference (although that would still leave the center slightly
thicker than the edges – not something that would interfere with
what I am currently fabricating).

Rudy Bescherer, Jr.