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Want an acet//oxy set up in NYC, need some help!

Hi all,
There are a couple of old discussions about this subject but I haven’t seen one with recent information.
I would love to have an acetylene + oxy tank set up in my apartment but I haven’t found a supplier in NYC that delivers to residential buildings. Is this possible? Is it illegal??
I’m also open to having one way out in Long island too if anyone knows that area better.
Thanks in advance

It’s generally illegal in NYC residences (with occasional exceptions after a process with the FDNY and DOB).

There are several suppliers that deliver in the boroughs, including TW Smith and Liberty Gas.

I maybe should not say anything, but I am curious.

Could you use one of these in NYC?

And would you be able to do the same processes with both.


Take a look at the following regarding torches in NYC…Rob

New York City Jewelers.

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I realize that this is not what you want exactly, but with your regulations for NYC maybe this would work?

Jewelers Little Torch Regulators.
Fits disposable tanks.
Pre-set, Smith TYPE

I had a hydroflux and maybe I wasn’t using it correctly but it kept melting all the tiny torch heads. I ending up selling it. BUt you’re right, a more skilled jewelry maybe would have used one of these and enjoyed it!

nice i’ll look into this. thank you Jeff

Yep hydrogen torches are legal in residences here and they really hammer that point home at the MJSA expo every year haha. BUT- I’m yet to hear of anyone who has figured out where to dispose of the chemicals. The people I know with them just have an increasing pile of containers of the annual removal of the liquid, and no idea what to do with it.

The link above is great, but it’s primarily for people using G-Tec boosters into natural gas lines, which is definitely FDNY’s preference. However, when I looked into it the cost was WILD. Thousands and thousands of dollars, and inspections and forms. I didn’t make note of the final cost but I think it was going to be like $12k…? The reps at G-Tec admitted it’s a long and expensive process in our fair city. (But no one wants more buildings blowing up here, so I get it.)

This is the starting point for FDNY jewelry-related codes for compressed gases: Certificate of Fitness for Torch Use in Manufacture of Jewelry and Dental Lab Operation (G-61) - NYC Business